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Fic: "Allison" [Dec. 30th, 2009|07:19 am]
Toshianto :: A Tosh&Ianto Shipping Community



Title: "Allison"
Rating: Er, Kitchen Sink? For explicit sex, some language, sex work, alcohol, action-style violence.
Context: Between S1 and S2.
Characters/Pairing: Ianto/Tosh
Summary: An undercover investigation at a gentleman's club goes tragically wrong during Jack's absence.
Disclaimer: I'm not RTD, I don't work for the BBC, and as much as I might like to, I don't own Jack or Ianto or any part of Torchwood. I do, however, order pizza under that name on principle.

Fake cut: ( The first thing Ianto notices is that the doormen are wearing suits. )