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A Tosh/Ianto Shipping Community

Toshianto :: A Tosh&Ianto Shipping Community
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This community is for fans of the Torchwood series characters, Tosh, Ianto, and Tosh and Ianto as a romantic couple. Toshianto is looking for fans to submit content such as fan fiction, icons, graphics, and fan videos. Some simple rules for joining this community are...

Community rating system: Not dirty (everyone), Kinda Dirty (older teens), Dirty (Adults) Really Dirty (Adults). Or you can just put ND, KD, D, RD. Violence and other ratings are as follows: MV = Mild Violence, EV = Extreme Violence, AL = Adult Language, DA = Drugs or Alcohol use. If your story happens to have a need for everything (as an example: RD, EV, AL, DA), then you may put KS for the Kitchen Sink, meaning it needs a warning for everything.

Icons: You may post icons of anything, but there is a five icon minimum of icons featuring either Tosh, Ianto, or Tosh and Ianto together. For example, you can post fifty general icons (or Torchwood icons), but at least five of those must be dedicated to Tosh and/or Ianto. If you post five icons or less, they must be of Tosh, Ianto, or Tosh/Ianto only.

Fan Fic: Your general stories can be featured around Tosh only or Ianto only. However if there is romance involved, then it must be Tosh and Ianto. If your story begins with Tosh and Ianto in a romance with someone else that's fine, but it has to end with Tosh and Ianto coming together as a romantic couple, and there has to be some kind of romantic action between them. Sexual scenes between Tosh and Ianto with other people (together or separately) are fine, so long as there is a sexual scene between Tosh and Ianto. Also, You may not have a story end with Tosh or Ianto deciding to stay with other people.

Graphics: Graphics of other things and other fandoms are welcome, but the focus should always beith Tosh, Ianto, or Toshianto. If you're posting wallpapers, or banners, post as many as you like, but there has to be a minimum of three T, I, or TI banners/wallpapers, depending on the volume of your post. If you would like to post five or less banners/wallpapers, then they can only be Tosh, Ianto, or Toshianto.

Videos: Video's are usually posted one at a time, so your videos must focus on Tosh, Ianto, or Toshianto. If you post two vids, then one of them focuses on our people, the other can be anything Torchwood or Docto Who related, but no other video's from other fandoms, please.

Thank you for your interest in Toshianto!
doctor who spinoff, gwen, ianto, jack harkness, owen, shipping, torchwood, tosh, tosh&ianto